Secure, Professional Telemedicine at the heart of your digital clinic

Secure, Professional Telemedicine at the heart of your digital clinic

Video Conferencing & Messaging Solutions

Fast, secure messaging for medical professionals to consult, monitor and interact with medical records remotely. provides top-notch video and recording software, designed for clinical staff to use. Additionally, all files distributed through are encrypted to prevent data breaches and protect a virtual clinic from cyber-attacks.

Appointment Manager

Easy to use, online agenda that conveniently handles all the cancellations & reschedules, saving doctors time and effort.

Patient management offers cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that include email and calendar integration. The solution can be used to manage contacts of patients & prescriptions, schedule follow-ups and update customer records in real time.

Public Presence allows doctors to showcase their practice across the web to keep patients informed, digitize activities and attract new business. Building an online brand has never been more accessible with’s integrated software.

Staff Management

Doctors can easily access workforce management software, that boosts efficiency across their practice and decreases business costs, in order to maximize team productivity levels.

Telemedicine for every speciality

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A pathway to rapidly improving
telemedicine processes

Top-notch Security

Secure Access allows doctors to access their patients data securely, protecting them from accessibility gaps for an enhanced patient experience.

Information Security

The platform creates a secure environment for all sensitive conversations, records, and personal information.

GDPR Compliant

Equipped with end-to-end encrypted video and chat functionalities, allows doctors to access medical records and exchange files.

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